Global Shark Movement


Shipping is on the rise: four steps to curb ‘ocean roadkill’

GSMP researchers publish today in Nature a roadmap for improving global protection of ocean giants from ship strikes

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Shipping poses significant threat to the endangered whale shark

Today GSMP researchers publish ground-breaking global study showing shipping may underlie whale shark population declines

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MegaMove project website launched

MegaMove project launched – many GSMP researchers are contributors of data and expertise

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GSMP presentations at BLS7

There were many presentations by GSMP researchers at the Bio-Logging Symposium 7 virtual conference

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GSMP research published in NATURE

Published today in NATURE are in-depth discussions about the global spatial risk assessment of sharks

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Blue shark

World Ocean’s Day highlights GSMP research

Today the European Research Council (ERC) highlights GSMP research on climate change effects on sharks

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