GSMP supports the new ‘MEGAMOVE’ project

GSMP data and scientists are contributing to this landmark tracking project

The MEGAMOVE project is led by GSMP Steering Committee member Dr Ana Sequeira (University of Western Australia) and enabled by her 2020 Pew Fellowship.

MEGAMOVE’S vision is “to advance the long-term conservation of marine megafauna through strategic mitigation of global threats guided by an innovative global science effort involving a concerted network of marine movement ecologists”.

The mission is to bring the marine Movement Ecology community together to create innovative research to inform global conservation based on the most comprehensive dataset to date on marine megafauna tracked movements.

GSMP has contributed shark data and its scientists are also involved in steering the project and analysing data.

So far, about 16,000 tracks of marine megafauna have been collated, from sharks and tunas, to turtles, seabirds, seals and whales.

Now the MEGAMOVE team have started to analyse this treasure trove of data.