Global Shark Movement


Effective management and conservation of highly migratory sharks in the open ocean depends on determining where sharks are in relation to fishing effort and other threats across what can be huge population ranges.

GSMP is finding out where sharks are, when they are there, and what they are likely to be doing, from local to global ocean scales. By integrating these data with potential threats, such as spatial changes in fishing effort, enables us to estimate exposure risks of sharks to threats in each ocean area. This paves the way for dynamic, near-real-time management and conservation of sharks.

GSMP uses conservation technology for testing efficacy of near-real-time surveillance of sharks and potential threats for underpinning dynamic management of sharks in the future.

GSMP is also understanding how changing ocean climate may alter shark spatial ecology with a view to identifying measures that mitigate the effects of fisheries and other impacts on sharks living in a warming global ocean.