A ‘Movement’ about Shark Movement is formed

Many research leaders have agreed to participate in the Global Shark Movement Project and to provide data. We have about 40 research groups involved with over 2,000 shark tracks promised, which is really great. Through Carlos Duarte and Xabier Irigoien (KAUST) and Victor Eguiluz (CSIC, Spain) we also have access to Automatic Identification System (AIS) data of global shipping movements. So, a first global analysis for GSMP will be to quantify the overlap of shark spatial hotspots with industrial fishing activity. Where are they? When do they occur? How persistent are they between years? Are more vulnerable shark species overlapped by fisheries more than less vulnerable ones? If we can answer some of these questions we have the makings of project that could have real impact for shark ecology and conservation. But first we have to move to the next stage of the project: uploading the data for initial processing.